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CHANCES ARE , JAIME AYMERICH'S MOVIE 2009. SCHEDULE - Imagine Science Film Festival New York

CHANCES ARE , JAIME AYMERICH'S MOVIE 2009. SCHEDULE - Imagine Science Film Festival New York

About Chances Are
Director: Josh Kameyer

Country: USA

Running Time: 12:53 min

Format: DVCPro50


Premiere Status: NYC Premiere

Science Topics covered in film: Probability, IT Network Administration

Randy (Jaime Aymerich, “Fat Actress”), is a network administrator with a knack for probability. But when it comes to taking a chance on love, he just can’t muster up the courage — until one night when he meets an adorable math geek (Keiko Agena, “The Gilmore Girls”), who writes her phone number on a $20 bill. Everything is falling into place for Randy, it seems, until the next day when he realizes that he has accidentally spent the twenty. Now his mind races furiously to calculate where the bill and his chances for love may have ended up. But when probability fails him, he has to risk the odds if he ever wants a shot at true love.
Cast & Credits
Jaime Aymerich as Randy
Keiko Agena as Heather
Johnny Ray Nelson as Harv
Courtney Compton as Jay
Matt Graham as Cockblocker
Dean Lemont as Banker/Paramedic VO
Madeleine LaRocque as Elevator Girl
Jillian DiFusco as Heather’s Friend
Bill McCoy as Alfonso

Featuring the music and performances by
Hi Tide

Josh Kameyer

Matthew Witt and Henry Lowenfels

Daniel Pfisterer

Assistant Director
Frederic Imbert

Production Manager
Jacob Shelton

Assistant Camera
Bernie Smith

Production Sound
John Visaya

Mark Arbitrario

Sound Designer
Gentry Smith

Andrew Kaiser

Previous Festival Screenings
Chances Are: Winner, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Production Grant. Winner, Big Bear Lake Intl. Film Festival Audience Award.

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